BizRAS Auto Blog Posting- WordPress How To Questions- Answer 3- Replacing Your Background For Your Blog Site

Bizness Inc Auto Blog Posting System Information Click On this link get a FREE WordPress Blog Site, FREE Hosting for It and FREE domain you choose!

In WordPress you can change your Background for your blog free at any time. You will need the ftp password for your blog site so log into your BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System and click on the Blog Sites menu button then click on the Select button for the blog site in the grid and on the site profile screen that opens up. Click on the Show Blog FTP Info Button at the lower left of your screen which will give you 3 pieces of info you will need.

Open up another browser screen to your WordPress blog site and log in to the admin section. Click on the Appearance menu item on left then click on add theme link. Click on the search button to select from over 1400 themes. Select one, then click on the install option.

Enter the 3 pieces of ftp information from your other browser page (BizRAS Auto Blogging Confguration screen) and then finish the install. When you click on the activate link it will put this new background theme in place for free.

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