Tip 9 on h1 tags & posting from 1 web account- Seach Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization

SEO and SMO Links to your web site – Tip 9 on h1 headers and posting from 1 web account

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are important for search engine rankings, so here are a couple of tips – free on us – compliments of http://www.sozohosting.com/ and  http://www.biznesstechnologies.com/

SEO and SMO Tip 9 on h1 headers and posting from 1 web account:  Our SEO tip for you today is have a h1 header html tag on every page in your web site and use your keywords in that header where appropriate.  Our SMO Tip for you today is never do cut and pasting posts again from a FaceBook, Twitter or WordPress Blog site of yours.  Instead, control all your posts to all your WordPress Blog accounts and your FaceBook and Twitter account from 1 location (1 web account) using a web system like BizRAS Auto Blog Posting. 

Click on this auto blog posting link for more information on BizRAS Auto Blog Posting which included auto recurring posts.  Recurring posts can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly.  You can even create a log a posts that dont fire until a certain date in the future to preplan for a big advertising splash or a big product launch.