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Design a Blog is easy with BizSAS Auto Blogging software. You could do 1 of 2 things: 1) Do it all yourself getting a domain, a hosting, plan, downloading the free software, installing the software, posting to the blog site….etc.. or 2) Let us set up your blog site for you with free hosting, the domain you choose when you sign up for Bizness Inc’s very inexpenses Blog Auto Posting system that lets you post from 1 location to not only 1 of your WordPress Blog Sites but to a selection that you choose for a certain post.

This site is focused on designing a new blog with the intent to save time with auto blogging.

BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System lets you do auto posting to all your WordPress Blog sites (up to a maxiumum of 10 sites) .  You can use Google Translate to auto post to your Non English WordPress sites!

Click on this Auto Blog Posting Link to see 5 sites all on 1 sreen that have the same post from 1 click of BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System. This screen also shows you the 5 of the initial background themese you can pick from at sign up time yet you can update your background theme yourself at no cost choosing from over 1000 theses.

You also can click on over 40 WordPress Blog sites listed below and you will see the posts are identical for 1 post. These posts were done with 1 post click. Imagine the links to the promotions you can build. Auto posting is a piece of cake not only up to multiple wordpress sites but you want to auto post to your Twitter and FaceBooks accounts also. You can tweak the next post so it is slightly different with all your links to your promotions. One client has over 1000 unique posts going out each year to all their WordPress Blog Sites, all automatically.

You can set up recurring posts automatically as you see every year the post repeats itself as recurring posts are sent out without any intervention on your part.

You can sign up today on this link which includes a free WordPress Blog on your domain you enter. Select a sign up link in the chart which shows you the prices on this page:


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